Pig Launcher And Receivers

Custody transfer for crude oil by piping, pigging is a major operation for maintenance of pipelines. Pipe lines are pigged for minimizing corrosion over a period of time. As during normal operation conditions over a period of time water will accumulate in the pipe line and as a result corrosion will take place. By regular pigging pipelines blockage and health of pipelines can be determined and as a result pressure drop reduces and proper process facility operates at design process parameters.

Pig Launcher And Receivers Consists Of 3 Parts

  • UPSTREAM PART – Upstream piping section which is an enlarged section consists of quick opening closure which is for easy loading and unloading of pigs in quick time.
  • REDUCER – A between upstream part and downstream part.
  • DOWNSTREAM PART – Downstream piping section between reducer and pig trap valve.

Kicker Line

It is required to connect upstream part with the bypass line unable to diverse liquid through the upstream part to launch or receive pig. For launcher the kicker line is connected to the upstream part as close as possible to the QOC and for receiver as close as possible to the reducer.

Bypass Line

A By pass line is connected the pipeline with related facilities.

Balance Line

A Balance line is provided on the launchers to enable filling and pressurizing the vessel on the both sides of the pig at the same time.

We have track of mfg and supply of 48 pig launcher and receiver to TDW INDIA LTD for Cairn Energy site in State of Rajasthan.