Liquid And Gas Filteration And Metering Skid

Cryogenic manufacture complete skid for liquid and gas for measurement, control and filtration. this skids are fabricated with latest codes and international standard. metering system is manufactured for crude oil and hydrocarbon products such as LPG, Fuel Oil, Motor Spirit, Diesel, Kerosene.

Cryogenic normally manufacture skids as per general arrangement drawings, P & ID provided by contractor who is overall system integrator. we design and detail piping, skid, platform static equipments as per clients datasheet. Major capital items like flow meter, Batch controller, PLC, instruments are free issued by clients or can be purchased and integrate by us with due consultation with client.

We have wide range of approved WPS, PQR AND WPQ as per ASME SEC IX for different grade and class of materials and welding process of SMAW, GTAW, MIG. if required we can qualify WPQRs as per custom clients requirement as and when required.

  • Flow meter (PD Meter, Mass Flow Meter, Turbine Meter, Ultrasonic Flow Meter)
  • Filters
  • Air Eliminators
  • Flow Straighteners.
  • Digital Control Valves (Diaphragm or Piston Type)
  • Valves and Piping.
  • Instrumentation (Pressure and Temperature)
  • Electrical (cabling and termination)
  • Batch Controller Unit.
  • Marketing and Distribution. Truck loading facility (TLF) Tank Wagon Loading (TWL) Transportation and distribution of hydrocarbon. Manufactured and Supplied more than 200 skids which is installed in domestic as well as globally.

Cryogenic offers Mobile type Master flow metering skid consisting of Flow meter, Batch controller, strainer, Air eliminator, DCV, manifold with piping valves, 5 meter steel braided hose, fitting etc. This is mainly used for calibration of flow meter already installed in Gantry. This is used as in series with flow meter installed in gantry.

This flow meter can be PD Meter, Mass Flow meter or Turbine Meter with DCV piston type or Diaphragm Type with Strainer and Air Eliminator separate Unit or Combined unit. Main advantage of this unit is mobile in nature and able to calibrate installed PD meter from one end to last gantry end in least time.

Cryogenic also offers skid based flow metering skid with combination as per customer's requirement.

  • CRL-MMT-01 (Air Eliminator + Strainer + Pd Meter + Dcv + Batch Controller)
  • CRL-MMT-02 (Strainer Cum Air Eliminator + Pd Meter + Dcv + Batch Controller)
  • CRL-MMT-03 (Air Eliminator + Strainer + Pd Meter + Dcv + Batch Controller)
  • CRL-MMT-04 (Strainer Cum Air Eliminator + Mass Flow Meter + Dcv + Batch Controller)
  • CRL-MMT-05 (Customized Metering Assembly).
  • *All above metering is in 150# if other class is required please consult factory